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OmegaPro’s vision is to transform people’s lives through education. Through an infinite repository of Videos, Materials, Webinars, Seminars, Hands-on Coaching, State-of-the-art Mentorship from the world’s best speakers, success and motivational coaches, Streamlined Training, and Exclusive 1-on-1 Sessions, OmegaPro enables this change.

What Is The Vision of OmegaPro Education?

'Education is the premise of any success.’

OmegaPro is world-renowned for developing a cutting-edge, one-for-all education system. Our globally scalable education platform has proven to directly impact growth, productivity, innovation, and success. OmegaPro offers exclusive access to specialized learning - studded with world’s leading inspirational coaches, superstar mentors and legendary trainers. Here at OmegaPro, we firmly believe that imparting knowledge is at the zenith of personal development to unleash one's true potential.

Being a customer with OmegaPro opens the doorway to attaining specially curated educational services from the best in the world with additional value-added company benefits.

Being a Partner with OmegaPro allows one to learn in tandem with world's leading coaches, mentors and trainers. This also includes exclusive access to webinars, seminars, live in-person training sessions in luxury destinations in addition to value-added company benefits.


The OmegaPro Curriculum

‘Inspire to Impact, Lead with Purpose.’

What makes OmegaPro’s Education Platform a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity lies in its diverse toolkit up on display.We understand that pertaining education is different for each and every single member of the OmegaPro Family and we are here to cater and curate to everyone’s needs.

With OmegaPro, with respect to the purchased package of choice, a member is at liberty to pick the various mediums of obtaining best-in-class training.


Welcome to the OmegaPro Super Training Series, hosted episodically by the legends of the industry.

Educational Retreats

Come on board with OmegaPro’s luxurious retreats around the world for a first hand experience of the ‘taste of success’.

Live in-person coachings

Based on the purchased package, have the opportunity to join live in-person coachings with leading global maestros.

Library of Education

Access past trainings and webinars at any time and on any device, share and download for offline use on OmegaPro’s official YouTube and the Network Website.

Exclusive Certified Courses

Always stay ahead in the game with OmegaPro’s exclusive courses custom built for thriving champions to transform their mindsets and lifestyles.

Educate, Motivate & Inspire


The OmegaPro belief is to train its community with the best experts, trainers and speakers to ever grace this industry. With regularly scheduled Webinars with the biggest names that deliver the worthiest lessons - The OmegaPro Super Training Series is worth every second of one's time.

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Our ultimate goal is to change people profoundly and urge them to change personally and professionally to adapt, mitigate, improve, and lead successful lives. OmegaPro provides state-of-the-art Mentorship by bringing in world’s best speakers, success and motivational coaches.

Eric Worre

Eric Worre is the world’s foremost, most watched and trusted resource for entrepreneurial training and success coaching. He has produced over 1,400 free training videos that have amassed over 5 million views every week. He has well-established networks in more than 100 countries. OmegaPro entered into a long-term strategic coaching relationship with Eric Worre as the official strategic coach to facilitate premium grooming for the premier community. Eric Worre is the author of the proclaimed and International best-selling book “Go Pro”, which has sold well over 1 million copies to date and has become a “must read” for anyone who is serious about building their life towards success. 

“There will always be a good reason to quit and there will always be a good reason to keep going,  decide what kind of person you are going to be.” – Eric Worre.

Eric Worre’s training sessions with OmegaPro have been attended by more than 50,000 OmegaPro people, whose lives have been changed for the better. OmegaPro is honoured to have Eric Worre as the Official Strategic Coach. 

John C. Maxwell

John Calvin Maxwell is a celebrated American author, speaker, leadership expert, and pastor.

He has written several best-selling books, including “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” and “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.” His books predominantly focus on leadership. His books have sold millions of copies, with some on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Maxwell’s leadership development organization is associated with leaders from more than 80 countries. He speaks annually to Fortune 500 companies, international government leaders, and organizations as diverse as the United States Military Academy at West Point and the National Football League. He is one of 25 authors named to's 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame.

In 2015, he was inducted into the IWU Society of World Changers. He was a keynote speaker at National Agents Alliance NAA Leadership Conference several times.

In May 2014, Maxwell was named the No. 1 leadership and management expert in the world by Inc. Magazine.

OmegaPro is thrilled to have the incomparable John Maxwell regularly train the aspiring leaders of the OmegaPro Community.

Jordan Belfort

Jordan Ross Belfort is an American entrepreneur, speaker, author, former banker and stockbroker. From being a door-to-door meat and seafood salesman to a celebrated motivational speaker, Jordan Belfort has and is having a stellar career. 

Belfort has written two memoirs, The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street, which have been published in more than 40 countries and translated into 18 languages. He also wrote a best-selling self-help book, Way of the Wolf: Become a Master Closer with Straight Line Selling. These books were later made into the blockbuster movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ starring the supremely talented Leonardo DiCaprio, and directed by the visionary Martin Scorcese. Belfort even has a cameo in the movie.

Belfort is one of the busiest, best and most engaging motivational speakers in the world right now. The main theme of his speeches revolves around the importance of business ethics and learning from past mistakes. And in his seminars, he talks about what he calls, the “Straight Line System". It has been very well received by the audience and has planted him as one of the greatest motivational coaches of all time. 

Apart from these, Belfort has founded several successful companies. 

We have the distinct honour of having Jordan Belfort as one of our Speakers.

Eric Thomas

Eric D. Thomas is a critically acclaimed author, world-renowned speaker, educator, consultant and pastor. He has taken the world by storm, with his creative, common-sense approach to living a successful, satisfying professional and personal life.

This man is no stranger at OmegaPro. He has frequented us many times – to train our beloved members and motivate them towards a better life. 

Better known as ‘ET, The Hip Hop Preacher’ globally, Eric Thomas has written several best-selling books, namely, The Secret to Success, Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation, Average Skill Phenomenal Will, You Ain't the Boss of Me and You Owe You. Speeches by Thomas have garnered over 100 million views on YouTube.

Undeterred by a difficult upbringing – from being a high school dropout and living homeless in the streets of Detroit for two years, Eric Thomas has turned his life around completely. He went on to complete his master's degree and later on Ph.D., worked as an academic advisor and helped develop an undergraduate retention program. He also served as senior pastor in Michigan.

Thomas founded a company to offer education consulting, executive coaching and athletic development. He has appeared on Fox News and portions of his sermons even made it into the music world. 

OmegaPro is elated to have Eric Thomas as one of its Speakers.

Les Brown

Leslie Calvin "Les" Brown is an American politician and a brilliant motivational speaker. He was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from 1977 to 1981. 

Les Brown has gone on to become one of America’s best-known and highest-paid motivational speakers. Currently, he is one of the top 5 best motivational speakers in the world. His speeches have transformed people from all walks of life – from Fortune 500 executives to special education students and prisoners. 

The name Les brown runs synonymously with legendary. And, that’s an understatement. He has done it all, literally. At one point Les Brown had a top-rated radio program, worked as a broadcast manager and DJ, ran for the Ohio State Legislature, won, and served three terms, worked as a host on PBS-TV and at one point, had his very own talk show. He has written many power books, two of them being the critically acclaimed ‘Live Your Dreams’ and ‘You’ve Got To Be HUNGRY’. 

Currently, Brown continues his career as a motivational speaker and writer. 

His famous phrase “You’ve got to be hungry” reverberates through the Universe to this day, changing hundreds of thousands of people’s lives all around the world.

With immense pride and great excitement, OmegaPro announces Les Brown as one of its Speakers.